Cairn Pro Sandal - Black

Cairn Pro Adventure Sandal

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The Cairn Pro takes you further and freer on wet and slippery missions. Featuring a super sticky + non-marking Vibram® Megagrip outsole, our Cairn Pro grips nearly all in its path, keeping you sure footed just about anywhere.


  • MEGAGRIP PRO Regolith Vibram® Sole: Super sticky + grippy rubber designed to perform in slippery conditions. Non-marking Andesite-Gray color, wears out slightly faster than our standard Cairn Vibram® Sole.

  • No-slip secure fit: Intelligent patent-pending strap + upper system with premium tubular webbing, 3 adjustment zones, and our super comfy sole hugger wings.

  • Cairn vs. Cairn PRO: Our PRO model is identical to the Cairn besides the Andesite-Gray MEGAGRIP Vibram® outsole. 

Shipping time is generally 3-5 days within Australia and New Zealand

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    • Our unique sizing is unisex and based on a centimeter scale; our size 9/10 means that the sandal is roughly equivalent to size 9 for men, and size 10 for women. **Note: Some people find our sizes run slightly small especially in our smallest sizes. If you are deciding between two sizes we typically recommend ordering the larger one.

    • Print off the size outlines for the Cairn Sandals or Classic Sandals to most accurately find your ideal fit. Please note that you must change Printer Settings to print 100% Scale. Double check this by verifying the ruler on each outline. Give yourself ~1 cm of space inside of the outline to ensure a good fit! 

      Bedrock Sandals - Size Finder

      • Please consult the graphic above in conjunction with the tracings for more help and/or e-mail us a picture of your foot on the correct outline to get our expert opinion. If you have any additional questions e-mail us at
      • If you do not have access to a printer, please consult our sizing chart below and note that the lengths on our chart are the ACTUAL sandal dimensions. We advise measuring the length of your feet and ordering a size that is 1-2 cm longer.                


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